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Bigtech electronics repairs service
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Electronics Repairs, Refurbish, and Repack

Bigtech prides itself on a swift 48-hour turnaround for most leading brand electronics, facilitated by a seasoned team of experts comprising former professionals from HP, Toshiba, Sony, and Lexmark.


Boasting over 25 years of specialized expertise in warranty repair and sub-assembly, backed by substantial in-house inventory and efficient just-in-time procurement processes, Bigtech stands out as the premier choice for repair and refurbishment services. We are the preferred partners for large enterprise electronics OEMs and their partners

Repair process: receive


Repair process: restore


Repair process: Repair


Repair process: Resell


Repair process: Recycle


Bigtech's repairs and refurbish business includes:

  • Damaged LCD

  • Corrupted Operating Systems

  • Damaged Hardware like RAM, SSD

  • Damaged Storage

  • Damaged Televisions

  • Data Wiping for Storage

  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Quality Testing, Verification and Assurance

Bigtech electronic repairs service

Bigtech Repair & Refurbish Partners

Bigtech's partner: Ingram
Bigtech's partner: Lexmark
Bigtech's Partner: CONAIR