Bigtech is one of Canada's leading providers of advanced technology services. Service excellence is the niche that Bigtech fills in this ever expanding field of repair, refurbishment and supply chain management.

When we began operation in June of 1996, our business focus was as clear then as it is now, "Look after our customers needs".

Our relentless pursuit of "Overall Customer Satisfaction" has allowed Bigtech to develop and nurture a suite of customized service which enable us to focus on the service requirements of Manufacturers and National Service organizations. These programs focus on cost reduction for our clients, improved end -to-end cycle times and an increased first-time fix percentage.

Bigtech is a true one stop shop for service.

At Bigtech we pride ourselves on our relationships with international corporations and the ODM's (Original Design Manufacturers) and OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that produce the products. Our relationships with the ODM's and OEM's allow us to offer the best overall price and quality in our industry.

Our re-manufacturing cycle encompasses receipt, test and verification, re-conditioning to customer specifications and logging of all pertinent information. Remanufactured modules and components are inventoried and utilized during the repair cycle in order to minimize costs for our customers.

Bigtech's business plan calls for providing continuing support to major ODM and OEM manufacturers with technical repair and support capabilities required for their products. This encompasses logistics management, build to order, configure to order, manufacture, repair and services, and material recovery or procurement of all major components and sub-assemblies.

We do not just have clients we have partnerships. The preservation of our partners quality reputation is an intricate part of Bigtech's outsource solution. Bigtech is uniquely positioned to protect and enhance this reputation.


Social and Environmental Management

Corporate Environmental Management
Bigtech goal is to build environmental sustainability in to each business function and procedure. By making sustainability a main part of our product and services, we better protect our planet while creating business value for our suppliers, our customers, and for our own bottom line.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
Bigtech efforts include aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and suppliers. In 2013 Bigtech completed 3 year emission reduction goals.

Energy and Carbon reduction
- Achieved a 21.6% reduction in utility consumption

Waste Management & recycling
- Diverted 20% of our waste from landfills through recycling and reuse.

Environmental Engagement
- Developed best practices to improve employees recycling efforts. Penalties Bigtech has never
  been penalized for any environmental issues or misconduct.